Product Summary

The BCM56500B2KEBG is a highly-integrated and costeffective StrataSwitch and StrataXGS product line in a single-chip solution with 24-GbE ports. The BCM56500B2KEBG incorporates 24-GbE ports that can operate 10/100/1000 Mbps. With high-integration and high-port density, the BCM56500 family is ideal for Enterprise applications in standalone, stackable, and chassis configurations, applicable in the edge, aggregation, and core areas of the Enterprise. The BCM56500B2KEBG is also ideal for embedded switch applications like Blade Server Switch, ATCA chassis, IPDSLAM, 3G Wireless Base Station, and others. The BCM56500B2KEBG integrates sophisticated advanced L3 switching features for cost-effective highly manageable enterprise networks. The BCM56500B2KEBG performs IPv6 routing and transition services in hardware, allowing IT managers to deploy L3 switches that are future-proof, highly manageable L3 networks to enable cost-effective transition from IPv4 to IPv6.


BCM56500B2KEBG features: (1)24 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports supporting both copper and fiber connections; (2)Fifth generation of StrataSwitch and StrataXGS product line; (3)Line-rate switching for all packet sizes and conditions; (4)On-chip data packet memory and table memory; (5)IPv6 routing and tunneling; (6)Advanced Fast Filter Processor (FFP) ContentAware classification; (7)Advanced security features in hardware; (8)Port-trunking and mirroring supported across stack; (9)Advanced packet flow control; (10)Head-of-line blocking prevention; (11)Back pressure support; (12)Eight QoS queues per port with hierarchical minimum/maximum shaping per Class of Service (CoS) per queue per port; (13)Standard compliant 802.1ad provider bridging.


BCM56500B2KEBG block diagram