Product Summary

The SKY65227-11 is a WLAN 802.11n Single Band MIMO Intera Front-End Module contains two complete 2.4 GHz transmit/receive chains in one compact RF front-end module optimized for single band 2.4 GHz MIMO (multiple in—multiple out) operation, in compliance with the 802.11n draft standard. The SKY65227-11 includes two 2 GHz PAs with integrated input filtering for 3–4 GHz rejection, and temperature-compensated, directional power detector with 20 dB dynamic range. Also included are low loss, high rejection GaAs harmonic filters and T/R switches which provide high linearity in all transmit paths and low loss in all receive paths.


SKY65227-11 absolute maximum ratings: (1)VCC, VCC: -0.3 to 5.5 V; (2)PU0g, PU1g, PU: -0.3 to 5.5 V; (3)T0g,T1g, RFin: 10 dBm; (4)Operating temperature range, TOP: 0 to 85℃; (5)Storage temperature range, TSTO: -65 to 125℃; (6)Moisture sensitivity level, MSL-3: 250℃; (7)Thermal resistance, θJC: 55℃/W.


SKY65227-11 features: (1)Two full 2.4 GHz transmit/receive chains; (2)PCIe, miniPCI, Cardbus and Access Point applications; (3)Backward-compatible with 802.11b/g standards; (4)Pin compatible with SKY65225-11 (2.4 GHz); (5)POUT @ 2.5% EVM: 19 dBm (-11b); 19 dBm (-11g); (6)Gain matching: < 1.0 dB; (7)Internal voltage regulation; (8)Single 3.0–3.6 V power supply; (9)Temperature-compensated PA bias networks and directional power detection; (10)Separate digital controls for each PA; (11)Package size: 10 x 14 x 0.9 mm; (12)Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS-compliant MSL-3 @ 250℃ per JEDEC J-STD-020.


SKY65227-11 block diagram