Product Summary

The 8L152C4T6 is an 8-bit ultralow power MCU. The 8L152C4T6 referred to as medium-density devices in the STM8L15xxx reference manual (RM0031) and in the STM8L Flash programming manual (PM0054).


8L152C4T6 absolute maximum ratings: (1)VDD- VSS, External supply voltage (including VDDA and VDDIO): -0.3 to 4.0V; (2)VIN, Input voltage on true open-drain pins (PC0 and PC1): VSS-0.3 to VDD +4.6V; (3)Input voltage on FT pins (PA7 and PE0): VSS-0.3 to VDD +4.6V; (4)Input voltage on any other pin: VSS-0.3 to 4.6V.


8L152C4T6 features: (1)Operating conditions, Operating power supply range 1.8 V to 3.6 V (down to 1.65 V at power down); Temperature range: -40℃ to 85 or 125℃; (2)Low power features, 5 low power modes: Wait , Low power run (5.4 μA), Low power wait (3 μA), Active-halt with RTC (1 μA), Halt (400 nA); Dynamic consumption: 192 μA/MHz; Ultralow leakage per I/0: 50 nA; Fast wakeup from Halt: 5 μs; (3)Advanced STM8 core, Harvard architecture and 3-stage pipeline; Max freq. 16 MHz, 16 CISC MIPS peak; Up to 40 external interrupt sources; (4)Reset and supply management, Low power, ultrasafe BOR reset with 5 selectable thresholds; Ultralow power POR/PDR; Programmable voltage detector (PVD).


8L152C4T6 block diagram