Product Summary

The BCM5696B0KPB is a multilayer 12-port gigabit ethernet switch.


BCM5696B0KPB features: (1) 12 10/100/1000-Mbps Ethernet ports with copper or fibre connectivity; (2) All address tables and buffer memory fully integrated on-chip; (3) Support for jumbo frames of up to 9 KB in size; (4) Advanced full-duplex end-to-end flow and congestion control with head-of-line blocking prevention; (5) Support for double 802.1q VLAN tagging and VLAN translation; (6) Hardware-based IP multicast routing and forwarding Support for replication; (7) Equal and weighted cost multipath routing for load balancing; (8) Advanced diagnostic features including JTAG boundary scan and BIST functionality; (9) Low power consumption of 4.65W in a 480-pin PBGA package; (10) Pin-to-pin compatible with the BCM5691.


BCM5696B0KPB block diagram