Product Summary

The M58WR032KB70ZB6 is a 32- Mbit (2 Mbit×16) non-volatile Flash memory, respectively. In the rest of the document, the device will be referred to as the M58WR032KB70ZB6 unless otherwise specified. The M58WR032KB70ZB6 may be erased electrically at block level and programmed in-system on a word-by-word basis using a 1.7 V to 2 V VDD supply for the circuitry and a 1.7 V to 2 V VDDQ supply for the Input/Output pins. An optional 9 V VPP power supply is provided to speed up customer programming.


M58WR032KB70ZB6 features: (1)Supply voltage, VDD = 1.7 V to 2 V for Program, Erase and; (2)Read, VDDQ = 1.7 V to 2 V for I/O buffers; VPP = 9 V for fast Program; (3)Multiplexed address/data; (4)Synchronous / Asynchronous Read; Synchronous Burst Read mode: 86 MHz; Random access: 60 ns, 70 ns; (5)Synchronous Burst Read Suspend; (6)Programming time, 10 μs by word typical for Factory Program; Double/Quadruple Word Program option; Enhanced Factory Program options; (7)Memory blocks, Multiple Bank memory array: 4 Mbit Banks; Parameter Blocks (top or bottom location); (8)Dual operations, Program Erase in one Bank while Read in others; No delay between Read and Write operations; (9)Block locking, All blocks locked at Power up; Any combination of blocks can be locked; WP for Block Lock-Down.


M58WR032KB70ZB6 block diagram