Product Summary

The OMAP4470CBL is an integrated power-management integrated circuit (PMIC). The OMAP4470CBL provides five configurable step-down converters with up to 5.0-A current capability for memory, processor core, I/O, auxiliary, preregulation for LDOs, etc. It also contains nine LDO regulators for external use that can be supplied from a battery or a preregulated supply. The power-up/powerdown controller is configurable and can support any power-up/power-down sequence (programmed in OTP memory). It can be used in (1)Mobile phones and smart phones; (2)Tablets; (3)Gaming handsets; (4)Portable media players; (5)Portable navigation systems; (6)Handheld devices.


OMAP4470CBL features: (1)Five highly efficient buck converters; (2)11 general-purpose low-droput voltage regulators (LDOs); (3)Backup battery charger; (4)12-bit sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with 19 input channels; (5)13-bit Coulomb counter with four programmable integration periods; (6)SIM and SD/MMC card detections; (7)Two digital PWM outputs; (8)High-temperature warning; (9)Thermal shutdown; (10)Input current limit to comply with USB standard; (11)3-MHz switched-mode regulator with integrated power FET for up to 2.0-A current; (12)Safety timer and reset control; (13)Input/output overvoltage protection; (14)Charging indicator LED driver; (15)Boost mode operation for USB OTG.


OMAP4470CBL dimension figure