Product Summary

The LA4225HK-E is a 5W monaural power amplifier intended for television audio output. The LA4225HK-E requires only two external components (capacitors) to construct amplifiers and is ideal for realizing substantial cost reduction of electronic devices.


LA4225HK-E absolute maximum ratings: (1)Maximum supply voltage VCC max Rg = 0: 24 V; (2)Maximum output current IO peak: 3.3 A; (3)Allowable power dissipation Pd max Arbitrarily large heat sink: 7.5 W; (4)Operating temperature, Topr: -25 to +75℃; (5)Storage temperature, Tstg: -40 to +150℃.


LA4225HK-E features: (1)5W monaural power amplifier (VCC = 18V, RL = 8Ω); (2)Full complement of protection circuits Thermal shutdown protector on chip Short between an output and DC protection circuit; (3)On-chip pop noise reduction circuit.


LA4225HK-E block diagram